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Let me support your transition

SEEK guidance

LOOK inward

TRUST the process

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Moving toward what scares us, what is painful and what breaks our hearts requires AMAZING GRACE.  This term is so misunderstood.  It means Loving Kindness, unconditional love, radical self-care.  

So often we freeze and can get stuck and stay trapped within our self-made prison of indecision, resentment, and self-pity.


I am a transition doula.  Whether your transition is out of a relationship, job change, a significant loss, or a terminal diagnosis, I walk people through their transition offering encouragement and support.  

I leverage coaching, breath work, movement, yoga, meditation, ceremony and plant medicine to create an effective container for flowing with the natural current of your life with amazing grace.

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Meet Kim and see if the energy is harmonious.  Compatibility is such an important aspect of an effective partnership.  Let's meet and see if we're a match.

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Create a custom package to support your specific transition.  While so much of what is needed in any transition is the same, every situation calls for a unique application.

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Attend a Fractal Journeys Retreat and experience the power of plant medicine to shift perspectives, break patterns and generally support your transition.

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Ceremony is a powerful approach to supporting a transition. Example include name change, fire ceremony, death vigil or home funeral.

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YOU have lived a life in service of others. being a mom, a wife, a hard-worker. 

YOU are the responsible one, the person everyone counts on.

YOU are searching for something to fill a void. 

YOU would love to have a safe space where you can be YOU.

YOU want to explore new things and learn about the Universe.

YOU know there is more but aren't sure where to find it.

YOU always want to leave a good impression, even at your expense.

YOU have achieved professional success, but are seeking fulfillment​.

YOU have no voice or are afraid to say what you feel, worrying what others may think. 

YOU are looked up to, but on the inside wonder "If people only knew the truth."


You are not alone.

Change takes courage.

It often means leaving our "comfort" or complacent zone. I was once a lot like you.

You don't have to take the leap alone. I can help. 

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"Kim is a joy to work with, she brings positive and supportive energy every time we meet. She also is smart, savvy, thoughtful and isn't afraid to take a chance. Effective, encouraging, and effervescent. If you are ready to stop filling a void and start feeling fulfilled, then Kim is the coach for you"

- Brooke A. Walters


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