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When I was 4-years old, my young parents and I were attending a horse show.  We camped on the fairgrounds in my grandparent’s motorhome. My mother’s family was in the horse business and this particular show was

Transition and loss have been street signs on my life's journey

well attended by my mom's extended family.  It was as much a family social event as anything for us. 


It was evening and the three of us were visiting another family in their camper.  This was an unfamiliar couple to me.  I had only met them on this trip.  We were sitting in the camper at the little table and they were playing cards with me – Go Fish, as I recall.  There was a knock on the door and my maternal grandmother came in.  I didn’t consciously understand what she was saying, but energetically, I knew it was bad.  I knew that my parents were immediately shocked and sad.  My four-year old mind didn’t know what was happening, but my eternal being knew it was not good. I later learned that my father’s 27-year-old brother committed suicide.  My dad was 22.  


My parents left me in the care of this nice couple who didn’t directly address what was happening.  Instead, they encouraged me to continue to play cards.  They pretended everything was OK.  Intuitively, I knew something big, scary and tragic was happening, but I had neither the capacity nor the experience to try to understand and because it was way too much for my 4-year-old being to process, I did what I think many have done, I allowed my consciousness to fade a little.  Being fully conscious is painful


I also learned, on a deep and subtle level the protocol for tragedy;  to pretend everything is OK.

I wish tragedy wasn't so common in my life.  My dad's brother, my uncle, had a son who died to Leukemia at the age of 3.  In 1980, the year I turned 10-years old, we lost 13 family members including my maternal grandfather and grandmother.  They died in separate car accidents, 6-months apart.  A close cousin lost her 12-year old daughter to a rare brain cancer, DIPG, in 2010.  My beloved brother lost his son at 14 in a tragic bicycling accident.  I know loss!

When I was a kid, we moved 23 times.  I went to 5 schools.  

While I've stayed in the same career, I've worked for 9 companies (many were due to acquisition) and changed jobs every 2 years, on average.  I know change!

I have been guiding plant medicine ceremonies and retreats for three and a half years and regulatory lead legal, safe and highly supported retreats.  I know altered states of consciousness!

​I've been coaching for over 25 years.  I am a certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach, Certified End of Life Doula and Podcast Host. I am dedicated to pursuing my healing and awakening by helping others do the same. My approach to coaching encourages connecting to our bodies and discovering unconscious patterns and beliefs that prevent us from moving in the direction of our desires and our Spiritual purpose. My method is gentle and loving, yet strong with proven results.  No transformation is without some uncertainty which can be uncomfortable, and I will partner with you to move lovingly through the discomfort.

Rediscover the magic of life and awaken to the absolute treasure of yourself. The world needs each of us to show up in the fullness of our being.

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